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To present a revealing portrait of each state and the District of Columbia, CFED has compiled 133 outcome and policy measures (66 outcomes and 67 policies) organized into a five-issue area framework: Financial Assets & Income, Businesses & Jobs, Housing & Homeownership, Health Care and Education.

2014 Scorecard Data, Ranks and Grades

  • To see how your state ranks overall and across the five issue areas in the 2014 Scorecard, see final outcome ranks and policy ranks.
  • Download a spreadsheet of the outcome and policy measures published in the 2014 Scorecard to see the methodology of how grades and ranks were calculated here.

About the 2014 Scorecard Data

  • For more information about the data collection process and methodology behind the Scorecard, click here for our methodology section.
  • Information about the precision and margin of error of Scorecard data calculated from the Survey of Income and Program Participation can be found here.
  • For additional information on the income quintiles used to calculate disparities by income, see state income quintiles for outcomes calculated using the American Community Survey and the Survey of Income and Program Participation.

Resources from Previous Scorecard Releases

Resources from previous editions of the Scorecard can be downloaded below:

Local Assets & Opportunity Profiles and Data

CFED partners with local foundations and community organizations to create Local Assets & Opportunity Profiles. The Profile is a data tool and resource with many of the same data measures from the Scorecard at the city, county and metropolitan area level. The Profile can help city leaders and local advocates understand and assess the critical problems that perpetuate financial insecurity among their residents. To find more information and to download Profiles CFED has published to date click here.

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