CFED Scorecard


CFED thanks the many people whose support, guidance, advice, knowledge and patience were invaluable to this project.

Our gratitude goes to the great many expert researchers, advocates and practitioners who helped us identify the best data and/or shared their topical knowledge on policies:

Frank Alexander, Kim Baughman, Cathy Beyda, Sabrina Blackett, Kathleen Bodek, Bill Brand, Mary Brooks, Megan Carolan, Carolyn Carter, Alon Cohen, Jessica Curtis, Rebecca Dixon, Taura Edwards, Ida Emerson, Lidia Fiore, Katryn Gabrielson, Ebony Gayles, Tsedeye Gebreselassie, Phillip Gonzalez, Patrick Guyer, Chris Harris, Sarah Hasbargen, Marie Hawe, Payton Heins, Heidi Henderson, Joelle Hoeft, Sandi Jacobs, Nick Johnson, Jessica Junke, Sara Leberstein, Laura Levine, Marina Levy, Tina Morris-Anderson, Suzanne Parks, Lauren Pescatore, Sarah Phillips, Louisa Quittman, Lauren Saunders, Robyn Smith, Joanna Smith-Ramini, Judy Solomon, Mike Solomon, Martha Somerville, Paul Sonn, Diane Standaert, Lisa Stifler, George Wentworth, John Van Alst, Geoff Walsh, Meg Wiehe, Stephanie Wilkins, Chi Chi Wu and Martha Wunderli. Special thanks to Jon Haveman.

Our appreciation goes to the Assets & Opportunity Network Steering Committee who provided guidance and overall direction on the Assets & Opportunity Initiative. The Network Steering Committee members include:

Christina Barsky (Consultant, Montana), Tamika S. Edwards (Southern Bancorp Community Partners), Lisa Forti (Alameda County Social Services / Alameda County Community Asset Network, California), Lucy Gorham (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill), Margaret Miley (The Midas Collaborative, Massachusetts), Lucy Mullany (Illinois Asset Building Group), Victor Ramirez (Center for Asset Building Opportunities/Citi Community Development, California), Kate Richey (Oklahoma Policy Institute), David Rothstein (Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland, Ohio), Kaye Schmitz (Florida Prosperity Partnership) and Dave Snyder (Minnesota Asset Building Coalition).

In addition, CFED thanks each of the Network Leaders who use the Scorecard resources to raise the visibility of financial security and opportunity issues across the country.

The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard was made possible through the generous support of the Ford Foundation, Northwest Area Foundation, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Walter S. Johnson Foundation and the Surdna Foundation. Special thanks to Frank Giovanni from the Ford Foundation who provided input on the Scorecard’s content and structure during the planning process.

A tremendous amount of CFED staff time and talent was devoted to the creation of the Scorecard. We are deeply appreciative of the contributions of the Scorecard team of Roberto Arjona, Jennifer Brooks, Paul Day, Dara Duratinsky, Sandiel Grant, Kristin Lawton, Sean Luechtefeld, Jennifer Medina, Emory Nelms, Cameron Parsons, Fran Rosebush, Solana Rice, Lebaron Sims, Jr., Robert Tenorio, Charles Tilley, Holden Weisman and Kasey Wiedrich, as well as many other members of the CFED staff, current and former, whose assistance was invaluable. Special thanks to consultants Dave Kalbfleish, Tamanna Mansury and Amy Saltzman. The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard would not be possible without the support and leadership of CFED President Andrea Levere, CFED Founder and Board Chair Robert Friedman, former Chief Program Officer Ida Rademacher and Chief External Relations Officer Kim Pate.

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