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The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard is a comprehensive look at Americans’ financial security today and their opportunities to create a more prosperous future. It assesses the 50 states and the District of Columbia on 135 outcome and policy measures, which describe how well residents are faring and what states can do to help them build and protect assets. These measures are grouped into five issue areas: Financial Assets & Income, Businesses & Jobs, Housing & Homeownership, Health Care, and Education.

The Scorecard assesses all states on their relative ability to provide opportunities for residents to build and retain assets. The state outcome rankings are a measure of financial prosperity and how that prosperity is shared and safeguarded. The Scorecard ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia on 55 outcome measures in the five Issue Areas. Data for an additional 12 measures are published, but states are not ranked on these measures due to insufficient data at the state level. The overall state outcome rank is determined by the rankings each state receives for outcome measures within each Issue Area. The issue area grades in the Scorecard are distributed on a curve, based on how each state fares compared with all other states.

The Scorecard also separately assesses states on the strength of 68 policies to expand economic opportunity. Taken together, these 68 policies provide a comprehensive view of what states can do to help residents build and protect assets in the Issue Areas described above. Unlike the outcome measures, the strength of states' policies are assessed based on fixed criteria arrived at through consultation with issue experts and CFED's own knowledge of asset policies that are promising, proven or effective in helping families build and protect assets. States receive an overall policy rank and ranks for each of the five issue areas based on the number of policies adopted.

In this section, you’ll find information on the Scorecard including the methodology and Frequently Asked Questions:

Main Findings: Visit this section for highlights from the main findings of the 2015 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard.

Methodology: Here you will find information on the framework of the 2015 Scorecard, the methodology for assigning outcome rankings and grades, and policy ratings, as well as other information on the data.

FAQs: If you have questions about the 2015 Scorecard, the data, policies or our methodology, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Acknowledgements: CFED thanks the many people and organizations that helped make the 2015 Scorecard possible.

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