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The Assets & Opportunity Network is a national movement-oriented group of advocates, practitioners, policymakers, and others nationwide working to expand the reach and deepen the impact of asset-based strategies. Network members are on the frontlines of state and local policy advocacy, coalition-building and service delivery.

The purpose of this Network is to serve as both a learning community and advocacy community—to both enhance member capacity to advocate and deliver asset services, and to foster growth of assets movement leading to opportunities at scale. The Network is a hub of action for local, state and federal policy advocacy as well as program implementation.

Network membership has three tiers—General Members, Network Leaders and Network Allies—and is guided by a permanent Network Steering Committee. Click here to learn more about membership tiers and the structure of the Network.

General Member benefits and opportunities to contribute:

  • Stay informed: In addition to access to annually-updated state-by-state Scorecard outcome and policy data and in-depth, topical resources on policy design, advocacy strategy, approaches for integrating assets into existing systems, General Members also exclusively receive monthly electronic updates that report on latest policy developments and curate highlights, events and opportunities from across the Network .
  • Share your own experience: General Members can directly share their experiences with peers and raise the visibility of their work nationally via a Network blog and in-person and virtual events and conferences.
  • Participate in intensive learning opportunities: In addition to in-person and virtual topical trainings, General Members have priority in the selection of Intensive Learning Clusters—which are formal, time-limited, thematically-based, small groups that learn from each other and outside experts to advance a learning agenda. General Members can also suggest and lead Informal Learning Clusters, supported by the Network, on topics that emerge from local needs and interests.
  • Engage in national conversations about asset-building solutions: Through Network events, such as the Assets Learning Conference, and virtual dialogs, General Members can participate in national conversations about solutions and priorities for the assets field.
  • Access responsive Technical Assistance: All General Members can access responsive telephone and email technical assistance interpreting Scorecard data, utilizing resources available, analyzing state‐specific data and policy options and strategy. In addition, General Members may request CFED to provide a formal presentation of the state‐specific Scorecard data and policy options (decisions related to in-person presentations are based on funding availability).
  • Receive scholarships to events: General Members are eligible for scholarships to in-person events such as the Assets Learning Conference, as well as brokered scholarships to events hosted by other organizations.
  • Get communications support: General Members receive monthly communications and messaging tips around issues important to the Network. Whether it is key messages that respond to an issue in the news, a sample op-ed to tailor and submit to local press or advice on strategies for leveraging social media, these communications tips—available only to Network Members—will better prepare to General Members to effectively advocate for assets issues.

There are no costs or fees for General Members.

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