Network Leaders

Network Leaders and Convening Leaders leverage their experiences, communications, trust and influence with stakeholders to increase the Network’s collective impact. Serving as a Network Leader has a number of benefits. Network Leaders can learn with and from peer organizations facing similar challenges. They can raise their own visibility through communications and fundraising technical assistance, exclusive events, and opportunities to be spotlighted in national settings. Network Leaders influence and shape the direction of a national assets movement. They also receive special consideration to participate in enhanced learning opportunities funded through CFED.

Within the Network Leaders category, there are State, Local and Native Convening Leaders, as well as State, Local and Native (Non-Convening) Network Leaders. You can find the current 92 Network Leaders here.

Expectations for State, Local and Native Network Leaders


  • Ask questions and share ideas and experiences with other Leaders, General Members and Network staff.
  • Suggest topics for, participate in and consider facilitating learning groups, webinars, “virtual coffees” and in-person capacity-building workshops.


  • Participate in annual in-person events (i.e., Leadership Convenings and Assets Learning Conferences).
  • Offer perspectives and advice to other Leaders, General Members and Network Allies via the listserv, online polls, working groups, learning groups, in-person events and other ad hoc opportunities.
  • Engage local partners in Network opportunities; invite others to join learning and advocacy opportunities.
  • Contribute to the Network’s virtual community by submitting blog posts that share updates, advocacy agendas, events, partnerships, etc.
  • Report annually on activities related to: coalitions/partnerships, information sharing, advocacy, service delivery and fundraising.


  • Share your advocacy and service delivery efforts, experiences and successes with Network staff to feature in newsletters, online learning opportunities and in-person events.
  • Consider serving in Network leadership roles, including as a learning group or working group facilitator or on the Network Steering Committee.
  • Participate in Network-led or -facilitated federal and state advocacy opportunities.
  • Lead a delegation of peers from your geography on periodic Capitol Hill and federal agency visits.
  • Participate in coordinated campaigns, such as the Assets & Opportunity National Week of Action by leveraging toolkits, technical assistance, national releases and communications hooks offered through the Network.

Expectations for Network Convening Leaders

State, Local and Native Network Convening Leaders have the same expectations and benefits of Network Leaders but also convene stakeholders in their state or local area. Specific expectations of Network Convening Leaders beyond those above include:

  • Convene a statewide, local or native coalition or recognized partnership of asset-building and financial capability practitioners and advocates.
  • Regularly communicate with and convene coalition members or partners as well as other Network Leaders in your community.
  • Encourage coalition members and/or partners to become General Members in the Assets & Opportunity Network and share learning and advocacy opportunities with them.

Currently, there are 92 Network Leaders, which you can find here. The Network releases a Request for Letters of Interest for new Network Leaders every fall. Sign up as a General Member to receive the Request for Letters of Interest directly. Want to learn more about what it means to be a Network Leader? Email

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