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About the Network

CFED's national Assets & Opportunity Network is a movement-oriented group of advocates, practitioners, policymakers, and others nationwide working to expand the reach and deepen the impact of asset-based strategies. Network members are on the frontlines of state and local policy advocacy, coalition-building and service delivery.

The purpose of this Network is to serve as both a learning community and advocacy community – to both enhance member capacity to advocate and deliver asset services, and to foster growth of assets movement leading to opportunities at scale. The Network is a hub of action for local, state and federal policy advocacy as well as program implementation.

Network membership has two tiers – General Members and Network Leaders – and is guided by a permanent Network Steering Committee. Click here to download the Network Policy Manual explaining the roles of different actors in the Network.

General Members

The resources available to General Members through the Assets & Opportunity Network are designed to empower them with information, resources, and connections to increase their capacity to advocate for and implement asset-based strategies. General Members can find these resources in a self-directed way, as well as connect to peers locally and nationally who are working on similar strategies. General Members are also eligible for scholarships and to receive assistance through the Peer TA fund (as funding is available); and can access technical assistance from CFED on maximizing use of resources to deepen their impact.

Click here to become a General Member now.

Network Leaders

Some Network functions – such as directly convening state and local stakeholders, advocating for local and state policy change and customizing national communications to a local context – are more effectively accomplished by organizations closer to the work on the ground, rather than a national intermediary. Network Leaders carry out these functions, which complement those coordinated by CFED.

By working with State Network Leaders in each state and Local and Native Network Leaders in local areas where assets-related advocacy and practice are strong, the Network leverages and respects the strong relationships that already exist in the assets field.

Click here to learn more about the process for becoming a Network Leader.

Leadership of the Network

The Assets & Opportunity Network is guided by a Network Steering Committee. This Steering Committee provides advice on the structure, offerings and overall direction of the Network. It provides end users of Assets & Opportunity resources and state/local leaders in the assets field a channel for voicing their needs, experiences and concerns, as well as an opportunity to help shape the direction of a national movement‐oriented network.

The Steering Committee is comprised of individuals drawn from Network Leaders. These individuals reflect the diversity of experience, expertise and focus of the assets field.

The Network Steering Committee members are:

  1. Lisa Forti (Alameda County Community Asset Network / Alameda County Social Services, California) - Network Steering Committee Chair
  2. Lucy Gorham (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)
  3. Margaret Miley (The Midas Collaborative, Massachusetts)
  4. Lucy Mullany (Illinois Asset Building Group)
  5. Dave Snyder (Minnesota Asset Building Coalition)
  6. Haidee Cabusora (The Financial Clinic, New York City)
  7. Mohan Kanungo (Mission Asset Fund, San Francisco)
  8. Jessica Sotelo (Partners for Prosperity / Idaho Asset Building Network)
  9. Woody Widrow (RAISE Texas)

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